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A kind noblewoman and a quiet wanderer journey across a continent, their slowly revealed past granting hope that perhaps they have a future worse striving for.

A priestess of the moon attempts to keep her sanity as her world quickly crumbles apart, once it's discovered her patron goddess mysteriously disappeared.

A young man claws his way through the trauma that continually threatens to eat him alive, praying one day he may feel true joy again, even through the numerous scars.

A lonely android girl reawakens in a decaying world, and begins helping a strange band unravel a mystery long lost to history.

Beloved is a series of fantasy shoujo webnovels, following various characters over the span of many millennia. It's a decade long passion project, at last manifest here. Currently the series is on its first novel, String of Stardust.


Tags: Fantasy, slow-burn romance, mutual pining, friends to lovers, reincarnation, soulmates, hurt/comfort, multiple POVs

Age Rating: 16+

Content Warnings: Swearing, bigotry, alcohol use, tobacco use, moderate sexual content, moderate violence, death, abuse, mental illness, suicidal ideation. As this series is a work in progress, new warnings may be added at any time.

Updates: Every full moon


Dedicated to my dearest friend and mother Kim, whose selfless love made me believe a pure, everlasting love could ever exist.

Thank you for your endless faith in me, and may I honor your memory in all that I do.

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