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Update 8/14/19: Added chapter 19!

~Volume One~

༻String of Stardust༺


Suzette always dreamed of starting her own bakery; but, being an aristocrat, it was her destiny to marry instead. However, when living as a noblewoman becomes too miserable to bear, she escapes her old life with the aid of the mysterious wanderer Hikaru, her dearest friend in her time of suffering. Together the two travel to his long abandoned house, apparently full of valuable paintings that can help fund her dream.

But, it's not long before the journey becomes more than they anticipated. As Hikaru and Suzete are forced to deal with an intolerant society, mischievous faeries, and a jealous goddess, simultaneously shadows of a forgotten shared past come to light, and illuminate hidden passions of the present... Yet, can that shared past become a shared future, and leave both their dreams and safety intact?


Update schedule—Every full and new moon
Content Warnings—Swearing, depiction of bigotry of numerous kinds, death, abuse*

*As this book is a work in progress, more items may be added to this list; since certain scenes may change as they are written, I will only add a warning for them once they are in the final version.


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