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Update [June 28th, 2020]


One still winter morning, two men made a promise—

“When you’re reborn, will you try to find me? ...When we meet again, we can have a joyful, peaceful life then, okay?”

“Yes…of course.”

Nearly a decade later, one of the men found himself lost in a wild wood, stumbling upon a strange necklace unseen by humans for millennia—while simultaneously, his husband had already been born anew. Unbeknownst to either of them, their fates were tied, interwoven into a centuries long tale spanning beyond the fall of civilization. Yet regardless, their promise always remained the same...they must meet again, and have a joyful, peaceful life then. Whatever the woe and destruction they may face, the a seas of change that render their lives uncertain and unrecognizable, there remains one thing they always do know for certain—they will always find their beloved, again and again.


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Dedicated to my dearest friend and mother Kim, whose selfless love made me believe a pure, everlasting love could ever exist. Thank you for your endless faith in me, and I hope to honor your memory in all that I do.

Special thank you to Meg for editing and for being such a wonderful friend!

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