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     Beloved Chronicles is a literary romantic webnovel series about the many lifetimes of a pair of reincarnating lovers and their millennia long drama bound to the gods of their world. Inspired by classic literature, vintage shoujo manga, and Sound Horizon, and with a particular focus on representing fat, autistic, and queer characters, Beloved Chronicles seeks to share sentimental and lyrical stories for those often excluded from such things. While the series remains in its infancy, it has been floating about in my head (in some form, at least) since 2010, and has become my love letter to all those people and things that I hold dear. Thus, I truly hope that this world which has so long brought me comfort may begin to do the same for others.

     What is presently finished of Beloved Chronicles can be found below in multiple formats. Currently I am working on String of Stardust: Volume Two and Pyre of Piety.

     Please note that despite all appearances, this is a series written for adults and does not shy away from mature and upsetting subject matter. For a detailed list of content warnings, please go [here].


~Beloved Chronicles ✧ Part 1~

[ ༻String of Stardust༺ ]


~Beloved Chronicles ✧ Extra~

[ ༻Pyre of Piety༺ ]


~Beloved Chronicles ✧ Part 2~

༻Hydrangeas for Concrete༺

~Beloved Chronicles ✧ Part 2.5~

༻Under the Oak༺

~Beloved Chronicles ✧ Extra~

༻Within the Cage༺

~Beloved Chronicles ✧ Part 3~

༻Reverie in Ruins༺


     Dedicated to my mom and best friend Kim, whose endlessly selfless love made me believe a story as saccharine as this wasn’t so ridiculous after all. Thank you for your endless faith in me, and the many ways you touched this work without ever realizing. I hope this may honor your memory, until we meet again too.

     Thank you to my father and sibling for your unconditional support of me; and thank you to my dear friends Meg, Mimi, Nikki, and Jon for inspiring me, and the incredible friendship you’ve always given to me. Special thanks go to Meg and Mimi for your immense help in developing this work, and staying by my side even in the darkest of times.



     James Margaret Rose is an author and artist you haven’t heard of from Hoosierland. Once she wished to be some kind of historian, but eventually dropped out of college and now works in retail. She sleeps surrounded by dozens of little fake women and enjoys reading 800 year old books by quasi-nuns for “personal development.” She only likes fiction made for little Japanese girls in 1974, or things they would have liked if they existed yet.

     To contact her, you may email her at []. She seldomly uses social media aside from [Bluesky].





Lovingly created by [James Margaret Rose].