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~Newest Update: January 10th, 2024

Updated the [characters] page! Simplified so it currently only focuses on the main casts of String of Stardust and Pyre of Piety; old illustrations will be put on a different page (hopefully) soon.


Today's Moon

     Beloved Chronicles is a literary romantic webnovel series about the many lifetimes of a pair of reincarnating lovers and their millennia long drama bound to the gods of their world. Inspired by classic literature, vintage shoujo manga, and Sound Horizon, and with a particular focus on representing fat, autistic, and queer characters, Beloved Chronicles seeks to share sentimental and lyrical stories for those often excluded from such things. While the series remains in its infancy, it has been floating about in my head (in some form, at least) since 2010, and has become my love letter to all those people and things that I hold dear—thus, it is my great hope that this world which has so long brought me comfort may begin to do the same for others.

     What is presently finished of Beloved Chronicles can be found below in multiple formats. Currently I am working on String of Stardust: Volume Two and Pyre of Piety.

     Please note that despite all appearances, this is a series written for adults and does not shy away from mature and upsetting subject matter. For a detailed list of content warnings, please go [here].


~Beloved Chronicles ✧ Part 1~

༻String of Stardust༺

     Despite her status as a noblewoman, Suzette always dreamt of becoming a baker; however, she never had the courage to fly away from her gilded cage. But once an ill-arranged marriage pushes her to the brink, she escapes with the help of her dear friend Hikaru, a mysterious man who lonesomely wanders the Earth. By his side, Suzette discovers a magical world unlike any she believed could exist—and most surprising of all, that this is not the first time she has known Hikaru...nor the first time she has been in love with him.

     But that life ended long ago. Suzette is an entirely new person, and much has changed in their decades of absence. As much as she wishes to recreate the idyllic life of her new memories, there may be no choice but to also recreate its tragedy.

[Paperback] | [Ebook]

Prologue:Midnight Drums XIII: The Twin Stars XXVII: Two into One
I: From the Forest Floor XIV: A Moment’s Rest XXVII: Finding Footing
II: A Medley of Woe XV: The Solstice Celebration XXVIII: Reassurance
III: The Songbird’s Flight XVI: Flower in the Snow XXIX: Worries and Wine
IV: A New Dawn XVII: On the Outskirts XXX: The Love of Wildflowers
V: A Fluttering Feeling XIII: Cacophony XXXI: Bare Hearts
VI: Morning’s Embrace XIX: The Thirty-Year Secret XXXII: Castle Ruins
VII: Bitter Dreams, Sweet Dreams XX: A Little Music XXXIII: The Light of the Moon
VIII: The Cruelty of the Gods XXI: City of Sorrow XXXIV: Brighter than the Sun
IX: Beginnings XXII: Gentle Warmth XXXV: Coldest, Darkest Night
X: Rainy Daze XXIII: Cracking, Crumbling XXXVI: Summer’s End
XI: Our Love, Suppressed XXIV: Reconciliation XXXVII: The Real World
XII: Songs and Daydreams XXV: To the Tailor’s Volume One end.


~Beloved Chronicles ✧ Extra~

༻Pyre of Piety༺

     Roland wishes for nothing more than to be left alone in faithful service to Lady Sun. Even so, the king summons him for an important task; not as an honor, but as a punishment for his past transgressions. It is simply a ruse to return him to Solzédniê, so the king may finally find cause to put him to the pyre.

     Roland is a changed man with no intent to falter—that's the idea, at least. Yet when he meets Sushun, a chronicler from across the sea, he finds himself drawn to his frank sincerity and stalwart character in a manner that soon goes far beyond brotherly admiration. As they grow closer, Roland is faced with a choice: deny his burgeoning love for this man, or risk losing everything—and discover his goddess is not as merciful as she seems.

Note: This is an independant story set within the Beloved Chronicles universe, and one need not read the rest of the series to understand it, nor need one read it to understand the rest of the series. However, the author considers it a sister story to String of Stardust, and it is recommended to read in release order: String of Stardust: Volume One → Pyre of Piety → String of Stardust: Volume Two.

[Coming winter-spring 2024!]


~Beloved Chronicles ✧ Part 2~

༻Hydrangeas for Concrete༺

~Beloved Chronicles ✧ Part 2.5~

༻Under the Oak༺

~Beloved Chronicles ✧ Extra~

༻Within the Cage༺

~Beloved Chronicles ✧ Part 3~

༻Reverie in Ruins༺


     Dedicated to my mom and best friend Kim, whose endlessly selfless love made me believe a story as saccharine as this wasn’t so ridiculous after all. Thank you for your endless faith in me, and the many ways you touched this work without ever realizing. I hope this may honor your memory, until we meet again too.

     Thank you to my father and sibling for your unconditional support of me; and thank you to my dear friends Meg, Mimi, Nikki, and Jon for inspiring me, and the incredible friendship you’ve always given to me. Special thanks go to Meg and Mimi for your immense help in developing this work, and staying by my side even in the darkest of times.



     James Margaret Rose is an independant author and artist from Indiana, the United States.

     To contact her, you may email her at []. She can also be found on various websites under the moniker hkrsztt, and very sporadically blogs over on [Spacehey].





Lovingly created by [James Margaret Rose].