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Birth Date: 13th Šovy-Hyvêr, 3678 S.A. Height: 193 cm (6'4")
Birthplace: Sábishì, Asàshí Weight: ~73 kg (~160 lbs)
Species: Human Mental Conditions: Transgender, PTSD, BPD, depression
Gender: Female Physical Conditions: Amputee
Sexuality: Bisexual Hair Color: Brown
Occupation: Scavenger Eye Color: Violet
Religion: Areligious Skin Color: Medium-dark


     A lonely, mysterious woman that spends her days scavaging artifacts from the now abandoned mega-cities. She has a kind heart, and her truest desire in life is to help others—but, a mixture of a darkness in her past, a betrayal committed by her that she cannot forget, and a deep exhaustion from watching those around her die over and over again keeps her away from her fellow humans. Because of all this, she has a terrible attitude, and a strong tendency to push others away, spending her life working solo. In truth though, she hopes maybe perhaps she can one day allow herself to be close to others again—and atone for the sins of her past.

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