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༻Update Note: November 17, 2019༺


Hello, it's James here! You might notice the website looks a little different...!

The most obvious change is, of course, the overall aesthetic of everything; at once a bit softer than before, although still much in the same vein. I've been meaning to make this change for a little while, but I didn't get around to and was...frankly inordinately intimidated by how much work it'd actually take (not as much as I feared, gratefully). As of this writing, there's still a little more I'd like to do, but alas, rest calls out to me.

If you have been following for a while, however, you've probably noticed I've avoided the elephant in the room—my increasingly missed deadlines. Before it was only a couple days, and this time...a week? I'm not sure, recently I've been somehow losing the ability to tell time well. That's actually not the main reason I've missed deadlines though. A part of that is the fact I'm a university student, although the biggest facet is—forgive me for getting a bit personal, but my mental health has always been pretty unstable, and 2019's truly been a horrible, monstrous year. In some ways that has fueled me, as writing is basically therapy for me; indeed, I've written more this year than I ever have in my life. But recently I've hit a wall both in writing, and in posting that writng. I'm actually sitting on a couple chapters that only need minimal editing at most, but...I'll admit my brain's just been both too fried and too self conscious to post it up.

The main reason I'm writing all of this is just to show that, no, Beloved isn't an abandoned project or anything like that, although hopefully the very minor updates every once and again would point to that. However, I think I must unfortunately make the release schedule more sparse again. So, once more, Beloved will only gain chapters on the full moon; if a large enough backlog of chapters is created, I may begin releasing them on the new moon again as well, but alas. Perhaps this is only sad for me, as a chapter a month is such a slow pace, and I do not know if anyone reads this enough to really notice, and it's only really me that wants this out as fast as I can without sacrificing quality...but who knows, y'know. If others truly are keeping up with Beloved, and not merely passing by a weird little novelty—well, first off, sincerely, thank you. I do not always (and by that I mean, almost never) comment on the kind things sent my way, mostly because the joys of social anxiety. But I always appreciate it, and if there's any silent readers out there, I appreciate you too. Secondly, that's why I'm writing this...just in case someone has been following and is curious what's up, since I don't believe I've missed any deadlines since moving to Neocities, although perhaps my memory fails me. But regardless.

Chapter 24 should be releasing soon, and then chapter 25 will release in December. I'm actually not sure the more sparse schedule is a bad thing, chapter 25 is very important...certainly a good chapter to end the year on. :)

Anyways, that's all I have to say for now...please forgive me for rambling on like this. But anyways, as always, thank you for supporting Beloved

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