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Basic Information


Name: Alexander Boucher

Titles: N/A

Birth Date: 12th Rize-Somêkh, 3016 S.A.

Birthplace: Pšêkse, Képtâwe Pozju, Soléiâ

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Pronouns: He/Him

Major Appearances: String of Stardust


Physical Information


Height: 200 cm (6'7")

Weight: ~109 kg (~240 lbs)

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Amber

Skin Color: Medium-dark

Mental Conditions: N/A

Physical Conditions: N/A


Personal Information


Sexuality: Bisexual

Religion: Areligious

Occupation: Painter

Personality: Peppy, friendly, ignorant, skillful, hedonistic

Likes: Art, the violin, parties, finery

Notable Relationships: [Hikaru Wakahisa] (partner), [Emile Beaulieu] (father)

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