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Basic Information


Name: Aurelia {most commonly known as Maiden Moon; her true name is primarily used among the other gods}

Birth Date: Unknown

Birthplace: Space

Species: Goddess

Gender: Female

Pronouns: She/Her

Major Appearances: String of Stardust, Reverie in Ruins


Physical Information


Height: ~183 cm (6’) {human equivalent; sans oral arms, wings}

Weight: ~190 kg (~420 lbs) {sans wings}

Hair Color: Lilac

Eye Color: Violet

Skin Color: Very light

Mental Conditions: PTSD, BPD

Physical Conditions: N/A


Personal Information


Sexuality: Demisexual

Religion: N/A

Occupation: Deity

Disposition: Abrasive, moody, altruistic, dominant, obsessive


Lovingly created by [James Margaret Rose].