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~Other Indie Novels~


[Birthright] by [M.A. Vice] — "When a young daemon becomes host to his father, the centuries-old progenitor of his kind, it seems his only purpose is to kill and kill again, to build a new world fit for the dark to rule. Unseen by humans, the world has long been controlled by the strings of a shadowy secret society of immortal beings, the Order of Azoth. As the organization fractures and begins to unravel, he may be the last hope of the Order to quell the spread of corruption and change the path of the future. Just as they may be his only hope to discover his own humanity." Genres: Fantasy, historical.

[Black Kitten] by [Melissa Sweeney] — "The story follows Vincenzo, a powerful trans mafia man who’s hesitant on showing love, and Sylvia, a defeatist trans woman who works at one of his gay bars in Harlem. Together, the two of them try to stay together while their worlds refuse to accept their love." Genres: Historical, romance.

[The Fox and the Thief] by [Jon Farrar] — "Alyce Brangwyn is a young woman who's lived her entire life in the confines of the Cross Town Asylum. This cruel organization conducts human experiments on people who have grown animal-like features, such as Alyce's fox ears and tail. One day, she finally finds a chance to escape into Cross Town's seedy downtown. That's when a chance encounter with a foul-mouthed vagrant calling himself "Grizz" changes both their lives forever." Genres: Slice of life, romance, science fiction.

[A Turn of the Wheel] by [Catharine Labadie] — "It is known that many harvests grow in the king’s orchard, both magical and mundane. So too has Aubria grown in her village community tending to the trees, bringing in a multitude of harvests, and partaking in the wheel of the year with her community. But not every branch grows the same way, and a newly betrothed Aubria finds that her heart and her longings for her future will take paths as winding as those leading through the sacred grounds of the orchard itself. The kingdom outside stands on a precipice, and the arrival of a Potioner carrying the weight of his convoluted past promises to make her change as no one born from orchard soil ever has before." Genres: Fantasy, romance.


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