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Birth Date: Unknown Height: 398 cm (13’)
Birthplace: Unknown Weight: ~567 kg (~1250 lbs)
Species: Goddess Mental Conditions: NPD
Gender: Female Physical Conditions: Intersex
Sexuality: Bisexual Hair Color: Blonde
Occupation: Deity Eye Color: Blue
Religion: N/A Skin Color: Medium


     The goddess of the sun, the most beloved person in all the world. In ancient times, she wasn't as revered as her sister—but after Maiden Moon's imprisonment, Lady Sun was quick to fill her place, guiding humanity and garnering their praises even when all the other gods had all but abandoned them. That said, Lady Sun herself is not the most attentive either. Once her position as the supreme goddess was assured, it was not long before she began retreating into her inner circle, the royalty and priests that she considers "worthy" of her time. Above almost all else, Lady Sun cares about novelty, watching what strange and wonderous things diversions and luxuries humans can create. Other than this, she cares about order: in ancient times, she had a bloodthirsty streak, enjoying the drama of war. Eventually she grew tired of this...although there's no guarantee her nature has been truly cleansed of this darkness within.

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