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Birth Date: 12th Šovy-Hyvêr, 3043 S.A. Height: 160 cm (5’3")
Birthplace: Pozjuvil, Justêre, Soléiâ Weight: ~54 kg (~120 lbs)
Species: Human Mental Conditions: N/A
Gender: Female Physical Conditions: Poor eyesight
Sexuality: Heterosexual Hair Color: Brown
Occupation: Maid Eye Color: Brown
Religion: Léidize Skin Color: Medium-dark


     A selfless woman from a lower class family. She had a fairly simple, but happy childhood, and eventually was lucky enough to work under an employer who soon became a friend—and although her husband was far less pleasant, they at least had each other. Jeanne is a very friendly, soft-spoken person who's fiercely loyal to all who will give the same courtesy to her. Although she can be somewhat passive, she always tries her best to be there for others.

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