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Birth Date: 16th Lêsh-Hyvêr, 2986 S.A. Height: 168 cm (5’6”)
Birthplace: Yuanlì, Shizùó, Asàshí Weight: ~73 kg (~160 lbs)
Species: Human Mental Conditions: PTSD
Gender: Female Physical Conditions: N/A
Sexuality: Aromantic asexual Hair Color: Beige
Occupation: Varied Eye Color: Brown
Religion: Solism / Shueyídaò Skin Color: Medium


     A strong-willed woman from a large, rural family, whose greatest dream was to have a family of her own. For much of her adult life this was not the case, as she often failed to have even a single child...and once she did, her entire life fell into chaos, forcing her to move from place to place and have many jobs, often struggling to survive.

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