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Birth Date: 1st Lêsh-Viosne, 3073 S.A. Height: 160 cm (5'3")
Birthplace: Bydlin, Mârsêl, Soléiâ Weight: ~77 kg (~170 lbs)
Species: Human Mental Conditions: N/A
Gender: Female Physical Conditions: Unknown disability; general poor health
Sexuality: Unknown Hair Color: Light brown
Occupation: N/A Eye Color: Green
Religion: Pantheism Skin Color: Light


     A sickly young girl who lived a happy life in a small town with a loving family. Although her poor health made it difficult to go out often, she adored nature, and was always fascinated by the fae that would come and visit her. When she was able to leave home, she loved trying to make friends with everyone she met, and always tried her best to uplift those around her. However, her poor health finally took its toll on her, and she died of an illness when she was only a teenager.

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