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Birth Date: 3549 S.A. Height: 145 cm (4'9")
Birthplace: Solzédniê, Képtâwe, Soléiâ Weight: ~45 kg (~100 lbs)
Species: Android Mental Conditions: Depression
Gender: Female Physical Conditions: Corrupted OS, half blindness
Sexuality: Homoromantic asexual Hair Color: Light green
Occupation: Wanderer Eye Color: Light brown
Religion: Lunism Skin Color: Very light


     An android girl who was among the first ever commercially available, and was bought by a wealthy family in Solzédniê to be their maid. However, they soon realized something was very wrong with her—she came with very little innate knowledge like a human child, couldn't connect do the internet, and was overall just too clumsy to be of much use as a made. When they concluded the only way to "fix" her would be to wipe her entire system, Eve decided to run away, and perpetually lived her life as a wanderer. Personality wise, she is extremely kind and friendly; however, she's prown to deep bouts of melancholy, especially at the state of the world and the continually cruelty she must bear witness to around her. Due to being a very cutesy android, many people refuse to take her seriously—sometimes even her loved ones—something that bothers her deeply.

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