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Birth Date: Unknown Height: 270 cm (8'10")
Birthplace: Florêt Folwêkdin, Képtâwe Pozju, Soléiâ Weight: ~125 kg (~275 lbs)
Species: Fae Mental Conditions: N/A
Gender: Agender Physical Conditions: N/A
Sexuality: Gray-romantic asexual Hair Color: Brown
Occupation: De facto leader of the fae Eye Color: Green
Religion: Pantheism Skin Color: Deer's fur


     One of the oldest—if not the oldest—being left in the world aside from the gods, Chêne was among the first generation of life made by Mére Terre, born before living beings were given mortality, and one of the few such creatures who survived Lady Sun's "gift" of fire that burnt down much of the early world. Due to their advanced age and willingness to interact with the rest of the world, Chêne has become the de facto leader of the fae, particularly in Soléiâ. Personality wise, Chêne is very curious and is especially so regarding human society. Because of their status, they conduct themself with a regal and stoic manner, dealing with all manner of issues without showing a shred of emotion. Even so, this hides a nature far more caring than one might expect—and more sly, much like other fae.

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