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༻About Beloved༺


     Beloved is an American shoujo romance novel series about a pair of lovers whose souls are bound by fate, a maligned goddess bound by a cursed necklace, and their story spanning hundreds of years to beyond the fall of civilization. It deals with themes of the restoritive power of love for others and oneself, finding meaning and joy in a fragile world, the cyclical nature of time—wrapped in a ribbon of sentimentality and at least a smidge (maybe more) of utter ridiculousness. Currently the series is on part one of three planned, spanning five or six physical volumes.

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༻About the Author༺


     James Henry Rose is a storyteller from the rural United States with a passion for writing bittersweet novels about finding comfort and love in a harsh world, and creating sparkly art to match. He’s inspired by his passions of vintage shoujo media, world history, off-beat spirituality—and at least a dozen other things that he finds a way to work in somehow. When he’s not daydreaming more than is probably healthy, he enjoys traveling, singing, and poorly playing video games with friends.

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